About Clinic EGV

Clinic EGV – for reproductive health and fertilisation

Clinic EGV was founded in 1998. Our main task is to ensure the reproductive health care of patients, and to provide the best opportunity to become parents for those facing infertility issues. Our outstanding specialist team can resolve the most challenging cases, provide advice, and share experience to prevent reproductive health disorders. Clinic EGV has the ideal physician for anyone - women, men, and couples - who long for a child or are already expecting.

Extensive experience and the latest technologies

Our specialists were the first in Latvia to use auxiliary reproductive technologies that gave hope of childbirth in previously no-chance cases of infertility. The first sperm bank was established at Clinic EGV, which provided unprecedented opportunities for medical fertilization. We continue to lead the treatment of fertility disorders and medical fertility by using acclaimed appliances and techniques. Our physicians’ extensive experience gives our patients the utmost confidence of success - even in challenging cases.

Harnessing the latest global technologies and equipment.

We provide maximally-effective diagnostics, care and treatment for your reproductive health. Which is crucial when treating various infertility issues and for ensuring a healthy birth. Our team of leading specialists are constantly enhancing their clinical experience at the country’s largest clinics, attend training abroad, and regularly participate at international conferences. All our doctors are members of key international reproductive health professional associations. Our patients appreciate effective care in comfortable surroundings – together we create new lives.

Confidence and confidentiality

Clinic EGV also provides state-funded fertility treatment procedures, as such we’re a trustworthy and reliable provider. We hold the ISO 9001 quality certificate - ensuring strict compliance with diagnostics and treatment standards. You entrust us with the most valuable assets - your health care and family growth. As this trust is paramount, we strictly adhere to all confidentiality standards.

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Dana Leite
Fertility Treatment Coordinator (EN, RU, LV)