I want to become a donor

Who can become a donor?

Every health woman 18-35 years old or young man 18–43 years old.

Maintaining anonymity, you will be able to provide opportunity for a family to become parents to a child they have been longing for.

How will it happen?

Participation in the egg or sperm donor program will not harm your health or future opportunities to become a mom or dad.

To find out more about the procedure, what tests and examinations will be performed, please write donors@egv.lv vor call „Clinic EGV“ reception +371 67278183 and apply for the free visit. „Clinic EGV“ offers free visits, tests, as well as anonymity and discretion.

What will I gain?

Your time will be appreciated accordingly. Besides all required examinations will be performed free of charge – this is also an opportunity for you to find out details about your health.


We provide discretion and anonymity to all participants of the donor program. To the recipients of the gametes we will reveal only the factual information – height, weight, skin, hair and eye color, blood type and Rhesus.

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Dana Leite
Fertility Treatment Coordinator (LV, RU, ENG)