Dr. Gunta Grinberga


Dr. Gunta Grinberga is the gynaecologist-reproductologist of Clinic ESG. Specialist performs gynaecological examinations, consults in infertility and family planning issues, as well as performs examinations and observations of pregnant patients.


  • Riga Medical Institute, Faculty of Medicine
  • Residency in obstetrics-gynaecology
  • Regularly improves professional knowledge in seminars and conferences in Latvia and abroad

"Various methods are used to treat infertility: examinations, various type of treatment, establishing of a treatment plan, as well as surgeries, manipulations and medicines. Also the psychological assistance is provided — it is part of consultation that usually takes up half an hour to hour time. Patients are asked not only about specific health issues related to infertility but life situation and emotional wellbeing"

Reception times

Monday 14:15 - 17:15
Thursday 10:15 - 13:15
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Dana Leite
Fertility Treatment Coordinator (EN, RU, LV)