Dr. Oksana Babula


Dr. Oksana Babula is a professional and experienced Clinic EGV gynaecologist-reproductologist who allows the Latvian families to grow bigger using her positive attitude, rich knowledge and experience in treating the couples with infertility.


  • Latvian Medical Academy
  • RSU PDIF residency course in obstetrics and gynaecology major
  • RSU doctoral studies
  • Cornell University in USA, New York
Work in the field of reproductology was always the dream and aim of Dr. Babula in her homeland — Latvia but she has gained professional experience not only in our country but also United States of America. She received FIGO scholarship annually allocated to gynaecologists from all around the world.

O. Babula graduated from the Cornell University in New York and worked in the prestigious clinic where Hollywood stars were treated. Her name can be found in several books and scientific publications — she is the author of the discovery about MBL or gene mutations in the mannose-binding lectin serum in connection with chronic yeast infections of the vagina.

In her work Dr. Babula combines latest technologies and natural treatment methods, thus finding individual and unique approach to every patient.

"Frequently couples that are not able to conceive a baby, continue to try and hope for several years. Don’t lose time — attend consultation with the reproductologist! The earlier we will diagnose the problem and find solution, the greater the chance of successful pregnancy"

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Monday 13:00 - 18:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 13:00
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