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Clinic EGV is Latvia’s first andrology centre - we offer a unique approach in treating men’s health.

At the Center of Andrology you can receive consultations about men’s fertility issues, erectile problems, and STDs. Experts perform ultrasound and dopplerography examinations of men’s genitals (including prostate, testicles and penis) and urinary tract, as well as minimally-invasive urological surgeries, surgical treatment of men’s infertility – TESE, PESA, micro TESE, MESA, recanalization of the ejaculatory duct after vasectomy, and vaso-epididymal anastomosis. The surgical treatment of male infertility uses the latest generation SOM62 surgery microscope SOM62 - German-quality and costing EUR 40k.

Center of Andrology experts help couples who undertake medicinal fertilization in at Clinic EGV, offering micro TESE treatment performed with a ground-breaking new microscope. Sometimes not a single spermatozoid in semen can conceive a baby. So during the micro TESE, we open the testicle coating and carefully perform resection of testicular tubules to obtain spermatozoids. We perform micro TESE with the latest generation microscope with very strong magnification that gives excellent viewing of all tissues - doubling the treatment’s effectiveness. We maximally reduce the risk of complications that can traumatise virile health. Clinic EGV is the only fertility clinic in Latvia that has a specific microscope with up to 28x magnification to perform this treatment.

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Dana Leite
Infertility treatment coordinator