Clinic EGV – providing successful infertility treatment for over 20 years We aim to ensure reproductive health care for patients, and to provide the very best opportunity for those with infertility issues to become parents. Clinic EGV’s outstanding team of specialists can find solutions to the most challenging cases, provide advice, and share experience for the prevention of reproductive health disorders. Clinic EGV has a suitable physician for everyone - women, men, couples - who want a child or are expecting.


The world’s leading technologies – just recently a 55-year-old successfully had in vitro fertilization. She has a lovely healthy baby girl. We adhere to requirements governing Europe’s best medical institutions. Clinic EGV holds the international ISO 9001 certificate that ensures strict compliance with diagnostics and treatment standards.


Up to 30 years of age, the effectivity of medical fertilization is 73% - one of the best indicators in Europe. 56% of our patients have a successful pregnancy after first-time in vitro fertilization.


Effectivity of medical fertilization up to 30 years of age


First-time successful fertilization

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Dana Leite
Fertility Treatment Coordinator (EN, RU, LV)