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Head of Clinic EGV, Gynaecologist – Reproductologist Dr. Zane Vītiņa

"Our main role is to facilitate the joy of childbirth for those who - for various reasons - have not succeeded yet. And we’re continually enriching our palette of services. Informed patients from the world over visit us, and enquire about our latest technologies and examinations. We can fully meet their expectations."

We also perform minimally-invasive gynaecological and urologic surgeries. Our doctors work with the very latest ultrasound tech, and bespoke gynaecological chairs that give the woman control over the examination.

A unique embryologist’s workstation in the lab has a special silver coating to ensure an antibacterial work environment. And the latest generation laminar - to obtain and process eggs - protects genetic material and the embryologist with a special air flow. Which provides optimum conditions for eggs to be obtained. The laminar has an in-built contemporary heating surface and latest LED lamps that provide optimal lighting conditions.

Twenty years ago, Clinic EGV experts were the first in Latvia to perform medical fertilisation treatment that successfully resulted in pregnancy.

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Dana Leite
Fertility Treatment Coordinator (LV, RU, ENG)