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  • Vad är ett embryoskop och varför används det?
  • ad är ett embryoskop och varför används det
  • Hur fungerar din äggfrysning?
  • Hur fungerar din äggfrysning
  • How to prepare for giving the sperm sample?
  • Please observe a certain routine before spermogram and other sperm tests:

    • Refrain from sexual activity for not less than two and not more than seven days
    • Refrain from alcohol, and preferably also smoking
    • Refrain from saunas or hot baths
    • Sperm sample should not be provided until two weeks after an antibiotic treatment or cold
    • Sperm sample is given in a designated room - with magazines and video provided
  • How to give sperm sample?
  • You can give sperm sample in Clinic EGV by scheduling appointment in advance! You can book an appointment in the Clinic or by phone: +(371) 67 278 183 or +(371) 29 563 191

    • Providing of material (sperm) in the Clinic EGV takes place in a discreet manner, observing strict confidentiality rules. Room where you can provide sperm sample is located separately from the doctor’s offices of the Clinic. Patients can use magazines and videos provided
    • Patient obtains sperm with the help of masturbation
    • You are not allowed to use lube, cream or other ointments when you obtain sperm
    • DO NOT obtain the material in the condom, also DO NOT pour the sample from the condom into the container
    • It is important to gather all sperm in the container

    Gathering sperm at home (in special cases coordinating with the Embryologist of the Clinic) and transporting to laboratory:

    • Reception employee of the Clinic EGV laboratory will provide you the container for delivery
    • Sample gathering time should be documented in a special referral form
    • Sample should be transferred to the laboratory not later than one hour after obtaining, keeping the sperm container close to the body to keep necessary temperature. Recommended place is the pocket of trousers or breast pocket or the inner pocket of jacket/coat
  • How can I receive results of sperm tests?
  • You can receive the spermogram report in the reception of Clinic EGV. Nurse – receptionist of the Clinic EGV will hand over the report to the patient after checking the identity document. If the patient has a Clinic EGV doctor’s referral to perform examination then report is handed over to the doctor treating the patient and the test results will be discussed during the patient’s visit to doctor’s office.
  • What sperm tests can I perform?
    • Spermogram
    • Sperm oxidative stress test
    • MAR test
    • HBA test
    • DNA Fragmentation test
  • How to fill out the spermogram referral form?
  • Fill out the referral form in capital letters, see the sample here: LINK
  • How to complete a referral to out-patient laboratory tests?
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